Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fight Night

Wow, I am keeping up on this a ton more than I ever imagined I would! I am pretty darn proud of myself!
Tonight Blake is doing security at Fight Night (Ultimate Fighting, UFC stuff). I am sort of worried about it. I am not sure why. Blake can stand his own in any situation, but still, I am just a worried wife... At least he is not fighting in it. That would worry me! I wanted to go, but Grace and I are both super sick with nasty colds, so I think its best if we just stay home.
Anyway, Grace is getting into everything at Grandma J's house, so I better go stop her. See you all later!

2 sweet thoughts:

The Zimmerman's said...

Hi Miechelle~
It's so nice to hear from you! We should definately catch up and share mamma stories! I love the pics of baby Grace, she's beautiful. Did aunt Karen take them? Keep in touch!!

kristy said...

hi meichelle!! so happy i finally checked my hotmail and got your blog!!! you are way better at blogging than heather - you tell her to GET with the program, here.... bloggin 3 times a year is not enough!! (j/k) happy birthday, grace! i can't believe our little ones are ONE! isn't it nuts how fast it goes by? did my mom tell you that i'm pregnant again?! they think it's a girl, so let's hope! we need a little girl to tame rowan down, he's a wild boy. we'll be home for christmas! can't wait to see you. love you!