Thursday, April 9, 2015

The one with the tumor

On Saturday, the 28th, is finally had enough of being sick. I couldn't take it anymore and and just needed some relief. So I ran to the langley emergency room to hopefully get some fluids and some meds. They checked me in and the er doc told me there wasn't a really a way he'd be able to make a confirm diagnosis, since it was reoccurring issue. I didn't really care, I just wanted to feel better. He did a quick eye exam which showed a tachycardia, (a weird movement with one of my eyes). He told me normally he wouldn't have done anything about it, but since I was having nausea without stomach issues, sometimes that points to the brain. He sent me to ct and got a quick brain scan. When he came back to the room, I could tell they found something by the look on his face. All he said was they found some sort of fluid on my brain stem by a legion. He said it was must likely just a cyst. He said we would need a mri asap abs that they were getting ready for an ambulance to transfer me to a larger hospital. I was kind of in a shock n so I called and woke up my hubby via Skype and told him all I knew. It was extremely strange to be all Alone, getting ready to go via ambulance to a larger naval hospital. We finally arrived in the middle if the night, and I was able to get the mri quite quickly.the on call neurosurgeon seemed to think it would just need to be drained, no big deal. I fell asleep for a few hours a d some up so I could skype with Blake. As we were taking my neurosurgeon came in and introduced herself to Blake and told him that he was needed home now. That she would help get stuff done via the red cross in her partn but that he needed to come home now. She told him that I had a tumor behind a cyst in a legion in my brain. And that is causing all sorts of damaging fun stuff and that we needed to get it out as soon as possible. She left the room with me having a million more questions than before.Blake abs I just diet of sat there confused.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

the one with the cyst - Monday March 29th 2015

The past 3 days have been a whirlwind. I've had several people ask me to post how we found out about the diagnosis, so I'm going to post here. Since around Christmas, I've been struggling with crazy bad headaches. These headaches are different than I've ever felt before. They would come out of nowhere, and be debilitating for several seconds. After the main pain would subside, the pressure headache would set in, causing more than discomfort, but not excruciating. It would start at the base of my neck and shoot forward and end up behind my eyes. I started taking Tylenol and ibprophen every day. I thought maybe it was sinus headaches, migraines, maybe even tension headaches. A few weeks ago, I stated feeling sick to my stomach. (My first thought was pregnancy, which scared me, as I get so sick). I got really bad for a few days and figured it was the stomach bug. I started feeling better, but was still nauseous all the time. This went on for several weeks, where I would be extremely sick and then a bit better. I saw a doctor on Monday, the 23rd, who thought that the headaches were caused by my posture, and that my stomach problems were because of how much Tylenol and ibuprofen I had been taking. I disagreed and told him my headaches felt like more sinus rather than muscle. He decided to do a ct scan to figure out of my sinuses were the problem. That ct scan was scheduled for today.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Homemade baby food fruit roll ups

Okay, so I have struggled recently with all the left over baby food that my baby wouldn't eat. I got a ton on WIC, and even though I gave a ton away, we still have a cabinet full of baby food. So I decided to try to find recipes that will use the jarred baby food fruits up, and that are still actually edible. If you have these problems, let me present: 

Baby food fruit leather roll ups!

Seriously, it sounds disgusting. I know. But I am so pleased to tell you that you cannot taste the baby food in these, and they are healthy and yummy.  

The recipe is so versatile, that you can use pretty much any combo of fresh fruits and jarred baby food.
So here is what I did to make these yummy homemade fruit leathers: (When I cook/bake/make things, I am very non precise. I throw a little bit of this and a little bit of that in and then hope it turns out... so I apologize in advance for the un-precise measurements!)
I only have two trays for fruit leathers in my dehydrator, so I usually do individual batches rather than a big batch. Because of this, I like to use my individual sized blender, as it makes the perfect amount, and I don't have to haul out the big blender each time I make a batch.
I start out with a fruit juice of some sort. Apple, pineapple or any combo work great. In the following recipe I used apple. 
I like to use a little bit of fresh/frozen fruits for the fruit leathers texture. If you just use baby food, the texture is extremely soft and smooth, and I like the regular texture of fruit leather, so I stick with adding some fresh fruit. For these two batches I used frozen strawberries, fresh bananas and fresh pineapple chunks.
If you are like me, and like things extremely sweet, you will need some sort of sweetener, I just use regular ol sugar, but you could use anything that makes you happy. 
And now for the baby food. I always throw in a few different combos, and like to mix and match and try to have my husband guess what is inside. For these two batches I used apple baby food, as well as peach and pear baby foods. Combos work great too! 

Apple, pineapple and strawberry baby food fruit leathers
2 - 4oz jars of apple baby food
1 - 4oz jar of banana strawberry baby food
1/2 to 1 cup of apple juice
6-8 chunks of chopped pineapple
6-8 chopped strawberries
 2 Tsp sugar

Combine all ingredients in blender and blend until very smooth. If it is too thick, add more juice. (This should have the consistency of a thin smoothie. Pour onto greased tray and dehydrate for the amount of time your dehydrator appoints. Mine is 6-8 hours, depending on how thick I pour on the sheet.

Let cool and use plastic wrap to roll into individual sized portions.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baby #4 update

So, for those of you that don't know, we are expecting our 4th (yes 4th!) baby! And its another girl! So we will have 3 girls and a boy. Elsa Mae is due April 24th, 2014. Sadly, this will have to be our last baby, as my body had a really hard time with this pregnancy, and some of my organs started shutting down. We really had hoped for 5 kids, but 4 will just have to do! Blake is leaving for Korea for a year soon (hopefully after baby Elsa comes!) and so we will be moving to a new base in the next few months. (We still don't know where yet!) 

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here are the past 6 months in cell phone pictures... This covers snow, santa, my broken foot, Christmas, crafts, new years, hospital visits, the gender reveal party we had for baby Elsa, Birthdays and just lots of fun! (These are completely out of order...) (Some of these photos show my zofran pump, and IV's for me to remember how sick I was, so if you are queasy, don't look :D )