Thursday, December 31, 2015

So long, 2015.

Reflecting on this past year, my heart is full of love and gratitude. Yes, this year has stunk. But it also has shown me what love and charity look like. So here, in all it's glory, is the Johnson 2015 year in review.

January- Blake got to come home for 2 weeks from Korea! Plus, we had both our parents come visit at the same time. Grace was baptized and had both sets of Grandparents there! It was an amazing month!
  February- I don't really remember too much about February. I started getting sick. We attended a Valentines party for deployed spouses.

March- March was tough. I got even sicker. We attended several parties, including a really fun family fun night. I finally went to the doctor. This is the month where I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
 April- Blake got to come home for good! Woohoo! Elsa turned one and Grant turned 5. I had major brain surgery, and turned 29 the next day. I was in the hospital the entirety of this month. Cancer was diagnosed. I got to relearn how to do many things. We were shown such love and support this month (and the months beyond).

May- This month was learning how to get back in the swing of things. Normal, everyday life. Schedules and work. School and healing.
We also visited Washington DC with friends and got to visit Blake's parents there!

 June- We visited Baltimore, and met with my oncologist for the first time. Evelyn turned 3!

July- We spent the 4th of July camping in the Shenandoah valley with Megan and Brayton. And went to a parade in the small town called Middletown. We then 'moved' to Baltimore for 6 weeks of radiation treatments.


 August- Spent the month in Baltimore. We were able to go see amazing sights. My mom came to visit! We visited Boston and got to see Nathan on his mission. We also visited NYC. I got to ring the bell that signified the end of radiation treatments! We attended a Orioles game and met some amazing friends that were also going through the cancer journey.


 September- This was a very bittersweet month. I got to meet a very sweet angel that changed my life. Megan and Brayton moved to Idaho. I also lost my sweet grandmother. While the kids and Blake stayed in Virginia, I traveled to Utah to attend my grandmothers funeral. Grant started kindergarten and Grace started 3rd Grade! 

 October- Grace started soccer and loved it. My sweet friend, Mekselina passed away. This was a very difficult time for me. I drew a picture for her family, which helped me as well. We did a fun family Halloween, and all dressed as Star Wars characters.

 November- Blake turned 33 and Grace turned 9. We went to Great Wolf Lodge for Grace's birthday. We had a little thanksgiving with just our small family.

December- It was a very warm December here in Virginia! (Which makes me happy!) I was in a car accident. Not so fun. But the rest of the month was full of blessings and because of that, Christmas was amazing! We were blessed by so many people, including friends and strangers.
 So long, 2015. We are so ready for 2016!

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