Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Gracie's Birthday Party went so well. It was so super fun. Grace had her own little cake and she wouldn't eat it at first, but once we gave her a spoon, she dove right in!

Okay, so yesterday was pretty miserable. I was stressed, Grace was ornery, and as many of you know, those things don't mix! She was being very mischievous, and getting into everything! Ahhh! :) I was so frustrated. So, when I went to bed, (Grace still sleeps with us in our bed... I know, I know, I am a HORRIBLE mom!) anyway, so when I went to bed, Grace was still pulling my hair, and head-butting me, and I just rolled over and turned on the television. Grace snuggled up next to me, and put her arm around my neck and hugged me. She hugged me so tight, and she would stroke my hair, and kiss my cheek. For like 5 minutes! And, as all of you know, she is a little chatterbox, and she was quiet. She just loved me. I cried like a little baby :). She does love me, even though she is a little terror sometimes! And, just so you all know, she doesn't snuggle. She thinks if I am holding her, she should be nursing. So, with her, it was so out of character, but so super cute. It was awesome.

Anyway, I better get back to work. My break is over!

2 sweet thoughts:

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!! HOw fun. You are such a cute mom to go to all that work for her! Looks like she did appreciate it. :) Too cute!

Katherine said...

I can't believe that you think you're a terrible mother! You really need to come with me to the next La Leche League meeting. Jan 8.