Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Hey Everyone. Didn't get my house completely clean, but hey, its getting there. Life is going great, just finished the final Twilight book. SOOOO good. I loved it. I super hope they make it into a great movie. I also hope that she comes out with the next book soon. It will be from Edwards point of view. She has the 1st chapter online, if anyone is interested at stephaniemeyer.com
I am not sure if I like the person playing Edward for the movie... (Robert Pattinson) What do you all think? I like that Kristen Stewart is playing Bella. She has done good work in the past.
Anyway, my number 6 thing that people don't know about me is that I have a fetish for swords and dragons. I have several real swords and I have dragon stuff everywhere. My little sister has actually started to like dragons too, and since my parents are building their house, Megans room is going to be full of dragons. She has a side table that is glass and is a dragon wrapped around a castle with a glowing globe thing. A super good artist is going to come and paint a mural on her wall of dragons and clouds and stuff. Its going to be awesome. I will put up a picture when they get it done!
Well, I'm going to bed, I am super tired from cleaning all day, and I really need some sleep.
:) See you all later!

3 sweet thoughts:

Holly said...

I am counting down the days until the next Twilight book comes out!! I think the movie will be good, I really didn't want Robert to play Edward, I wanted Henry Cavill... google him... he's some good eye candy :) haha.

Katherine said...

Did I miss it somehow? Did you guys get internet at home? The people are coming to look at your house on Thurs, right?

kristy said...

i love the twilight series too! just in the middle of new moon, though so don't reveal too much on your blog ;) i've got to check out the whole movie thing, and even living 30 miles from hollywood, i don't know who that robert guy is... but edward needs to be a good. love your blog, girl! miss you guys!