Monday, January 21, 2008

Hooray for insurance!

Well, I was in a car accident today... Pretty much wrecked our only car. :'(
Grace and I were in the car, and I was driving on 1st street, and another car was coming from the other direction, and slid, so i moved over so he wouldn't hit me, and I slid on some ice and my car hit a sign, and went sideways in the snow. I almost flipped it! I couldn't get out, so a lady came and opened the door for me and helped me out. Grace was screaming because we had a toy in the backseat that flew across the car and hit her in the head. She as a couple of nice goose-eggs. My knee is really bruised, I am not sure how that happened! Anyway, a couple hundred dollars later and we were out of the deep snow.
And you wanna know the ironic part? Grace and I were at a friends house, and she pooped through everything, and all I had to change her into was a shorts and a shirt outfit... I used her blanket to change her on, so when we were in the accident, it was in the negatives, and Gracie didn't have any warm clothes on.... :( A super nice lady come and put Grace in her car, and warmed her up, but my toes are still frozen from standing in the snow!
Anyway, The adjuster comes tomorrow to decide if it is totalled or not... The whole passenger side front wheel-well is gone, we can't open the passenger side door, the mirror is gone, and the back light is busted! But the good news is, is that it is still drivable, and so that's exciting :D.
See you all later!

3 sweet thoughts:

Holly said...

I'm so glad you are okay! That's so scary... I just hate driving in all this snow & ice!

Becky Muir said...

I am glad your both ok. I am so scared to drive in this weather. I had to go to Rexburg Sunday night in the horrible storm, I held my breath the whole way! Good luck with the car.

kristy said...

Oh my goodness, Meichelle. I am so sorry!! That is so scary and made me so glad we don't fight the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures here in Calif. I'm so sorry. I hope your knee gets feeling better and so sad about Gracie's poor little noggin. Sweet baby.