Thursday, January 24, 2008


Hey everyone. Our adjuster still hasn’t come… … Its super frustrating. But we did get an estimate on the damage, and they said that it would cost 5,450 to fix,. More than our car is worth. Anyhow, my knee has been pretty sore, so I finally went to the doctor yesterday, and guess what? I tore my MCL ligament. I have to be on crutches for a while. That is so not fun. Under my arms already hurt, and I haven’t even had them for a whole day. And, the doctor thinks I have cellulites or something, in my knee, from an infection, so now its all red and swollen, on top of the bruising and the swelling. :D life is super fun sometimes. I go back to the doctor today to make sure everything is healing okay, and I also have to go and contest my ticket that the officer gave me, because I’m not paying 75$!
Blake and I are now obsessed with guitar hero. It is so super fun. My little brother got it for Christmas, and we go over there ALL the time to play :D.
Anyway, I need to go... See you all later!

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Becky Muir said...

I am sosorry about your knee, that is not good. I hope it heels fast. I need your e-mail address, can you send it to me.