Friday, January 11, 2008

Sundance Film Festival

I have some SUPER exciting news! I booked a job at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City!!! I get to do some 'spokes modeling' and I get to be a host for a private movie premier for the actors of the movie! The movie is starring Sara Jessica Parker and other huge stars! I introduce everyone and I get to hand out awards etc... YAHOO!! It is going to be next week sometime! We are going down to Utah on Monday to hammer out the details!
Well, my break is over, I will see you all later!

3 sweet thoughts:

Katherine said...

Wowie! Congratulations!

Becky Muir said...

Holy cow that sounds so exciting. Break a leg kiddo (ha ha J/K). call me when you get back and I will come get your pack n play if that is still ok?

Todd & Ann-Michelle said...

wow- i think that is so great for you!! by the way this is ann-michelle and i am very jealous of your cool opportunity!!!