Saturday, February 16, 2008

3rd Post of the Day!

Wow, I am cruising today. 3 posts! I just wanted to catch everyone up on our day to day life.
A week ago, Blake and I were driving to his moms house, and one of the back-country roads wasn't plowed, and we got stuck, BAD. We were high centered, and so we used one of my crutches (which is now black and bent) to pry under the tire to get traction. It took us about an hour to get out. We laughed about it and went on....
And then, a couple of days later, I dropped Grace off at my sisters house in rigby, and headed off to work. It wasn't as icy as it normally is, but I was still cautious because of my accident. In the middle of the road a ways up is a big German Shepard. I slow down, but it doesn't move, so I hit my brakes, (not hard, just tap them to slow down more) and I slide and spin around and end up in the ditch. Hooray for me. I didnt do any damage to the car, Thank heavens, but I was stuck. So I got the shovel out of the trunk that Blake put in there because of our last incident, and hobble on crutches and start digging. That darn dog comes up and starts licking me, and digging right along side of me. 1/2 hour goes by, and several people have driven by, and see me, on crutches, alone, digging my car out and NO ONE STOPS! One lady slows down, rolls down her window as she is driving and says 'Sorry, I'm late for work. I would help you if I could." Chhh. Trying to clear her conscience or something.
Finally, after an hour, some guys that Blake and I knew from our old ward stopped and help me get out. The whole time I was digging, I had Blake on speakerphone in my pocket. He couldn't stop laughing. He said he was going to make me drive either a backhoe or a monster truck.... So anyway, Those are my fun car incidents in the past couple of weeks.
Oh! and Grace is totally walking. She has been for a while, but I keep forgetting to tell everyone. She makes Blake and I sit across the room, and she walks back and forth, just as happy as can be. Its like her game now. :D

3 sweet thoughts:

Becky Muir said...

sorry about your crappy luck wih cars lately. You should take my example and just never leave the house, ha ha

I will have to try your manicotti recipe

Becky Muir said...

By the way do you think Gracie will trade in her 2 headed cow for a frog now? That thing is so disturbing.

Ann-Michelle said...

That totally sucks! I slid off the road on the way home from campus just two weeks ago and NO ONE stopped for me, either!! I saw your comment on Todd's little trip to snow-bankville, and yes- we will call you next time- not for help, but to lament with someone else who is having our luck with roads this winter! I hate that you got hurt- heal fast!!