Friday, March 21, 2008


Hey everyone. So, yesterday we went to watch my little brother (Matt), ballroom dance. He is almost 18, and he is on the varsity tour team for our local high school. He is AMAZING! It was his pre-tour show. They are leaving on tour next Monday. Lucky kid. They fly out to California for a week.
This is the only pic I have of him (He is the one on the right (the one on the left is his best friend that came along, Josh)) , it was taken in the wax museum on our family trip to Las Vegas last year. (Even though he is posing next to a half naked lady, he is just such a great kid.)
My other two little siblings also performed last night. They are on a ballroom team as well. That is Nate, 13 and Megan, 11. They are both so talented as well..
And, ironically, my oldest sister, Heather (shown below, getting married at the wax museum.. :D) and my younger brother Matt teach the team.... Heather is super good too...
Anyway, So that kinda leaves me, well, nowhere. I feel so left out sometimes when it comes to family activities. They are all so close because of it. I did ballroom in high school and I would do anything to be a part of it now. I am definitely not as good as any of them. And so its not like I could just go help teach with them, and anyway there is no room for me.
Does anyone have any advice?

2 sweet thoughts:

Holly said...

I think you are doing a great job, by just going to support them all! Good for you! I bet you are a better dancer than you think Miss Meichelle!

Anonymous said...

you are a beautiful woman with your own life and your own talents. You never have to compare yourself to anyone know, the heather, heather, heather thing. You are a wonderful mother to sweet little Gracie. There is always room for you in our family and in our lives. You are a great ballroom dancer too. And look at this web have an awesome talent here! Anyway, we love you
Mom and Dad