Sunday, March 2, 2008


Hey everyone! I have some awesome news! We sold our house! I am so excited. We don't know the details, but its pretty darn exciting. :D
So, that means that we are moving to Utah soon... It does makes me sad to leave my friends and family. I know that I do have my blogging friends though.
Well, I am going to go lay down. I have had a super nasty cold all day! I hope that I can get rid of it soon.
Talk to you all later!

3 sweet thoughts:

The Odd Family said...

Yeah! That was pretty quick! I'd love to know details, and when you are moving!

Ann-Michelle said...

i can't believe it! i am happy for you-but dang! that is so quick! good luck with the move- let us help you pack up if you need it!

Holly said...

congrats! Although we are sure going to miss you @ card club!!!!