Monday, March 17, 2008


I was tagged again, and this one is a fun one.

Pick up the nearest book (one with at least 123 pages)
Open to page 123
Find the 5th sentence
Post the next 3 sentences
Tag 5 people

Alright, the closest book I find is Everlasting by Kathleen E Woodiwiss...

I just finished it last night. (Well, early this morning... I stayed up until 3 reading!) Its a pretty good book. There were a couple of spots I skipped, cause they got kinda naughty, (but I actually don't know if they really did, cause I skipped them! :D )

Anyway, these are the lines...
"The realization that she was in danger penetrated the enveloping fog in which she found herself, causing her heart to leap in sudden fear. The horrible dread of being trapped again in her groom's malevolent clutches quickly prodded her senses, and she whirled away, frantically trying to avoid his outstretched hand. His fingers caught in her long, loosely swirling hair, but in a desperate quest for freedom she snatched free, in the process sacrificing more than just a few meager strands to his unrelenting grasp."

I tag Brianne, Holly, Melissa, Wendy and Pam

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-Melissa- said...

Fun tag! I will do this book tag on my blog soon. thanks!