Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ballroom Dancing

Hey everyone! My whole family was on the news last night in Idaho. Check it out here! :)
(I can't figure out how to post the video here...) Anyway, Heather is my older sister (the one talking) And Matthew was the one standing next to Heather (He is my younger brother) and Nathan (the one talking) is my other younger brother. Megan is one of the girls dancing, but not the one dancing with Nathan. She does a solo during the piece. I am pretty excited about it! :)
Congrats Matthew, Heather, Megan and Nathan :)

4 sweet thoughts:

Jason & Bri Walker said...

How fun! How are things going??? Do you know when you'll be in your apartment??? Give me a call!

Holly said...

FUN! Heather looks so great! :) I had no idea she was still into ballroom. How are you doing? We have card club this week, and we'll be missing you! Hope you are doing great!!

Pamela Donnis Designs said...

That's so cool! I bet that little piece was great for her business :)

Becky Muir said...

That is awesome!! I am going to have to show this to McKinley. She has talked about taking ballroom. sorry I am a bad blogger lately. Hope your doing good.