Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Lymphangitis & Septicemia scare

I woke up this morning with what I could only assume was some sort of bite. It hurt pretty bad, but I just figured it was just a normal bite. Anyway, I was looking at it about an hour later and a red line started coming from it. I just decided to watch it, and it got all red and started to welt. The line was first headed for my heart, so I figured it had to be Septicemia (or blood poisoning) and I freaked, but then the line turned sharply and went under my arm, which they said is lymphangitis.. (the infection got into the lymph nodes) I still don't' know what my cut was from, but I got some antibiotic ointment for it, and I am going to start taking antibiotics, and it has started to fade now... :) Yay! I still am going to watch it for a while though.
It was strange, because Blake got a bite (or whatever it is) on his leg the other night too. It hasn't started to form any lines, but whatever bit us was a nasty little thing. I am just glad that it didn't get Grace as well.

Update: Okay, so I totally just logged onto my blog and saw the picture I put up of the line. I am so embarrassed! It is a horrible picture and It looks like I have a double chin or something! Goodness! :D Hehehe.

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The Hawkins said...

Guess what? I finally got my blog back up! Yea for me! Anyway, when you find cool things let me know so I can put them on mine too!

-Melissa- said...

I'm so happy you want to have a bloggers get together. I will be in Utah June 19th-July 1st. The only days that would not work for me is Tues. 24th and Saturday the 21st. I'm pretty much flexible the other days. We are just hanging out at my husbands parents home. Just let me know what day would be good for you. You can also email me at