Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My naughty purchase

Okay, so my grandma and I were at Target today, and we found that they had Wii's in stock (If you have ever looked for a Wii before, they are pretty hard to come by.) So I bought one, because I figured if Blake didn't want it, we could sell it for more money. Well, as we were leaving, we noticed that they had Rockband in stock. 2 of them. Sooooo.... I bought one. I know, I know. I am super bad. But I LOVE Rockband, and this one was for the Wii. It came out on Sunday, and you can't find them anywhere.
Anyway, we decided that we are going to sell the Wii. It is on Craigs List and KSL.com (Anyone want a Wii? :D $295...)
My grandparents have a Wii and we are living with them, so I opened the Rockband and we started playing. (Blake isn't home from work yet, and so my grandparents played with me.) We had a blast!! Well, I just realized that we could have bought it for our Playstation 2 instead, for cheaper. And we have a Playstaion 2. But I already opened it, so its not like I could sell it for much more than we bought it. I LOVE it, and its so much fun, but I obviously didn't think this through very hard before hand. Grrr.
Oh well, Blake just got home and is SUPER excited about the Rockband. He is already playing it. The look on his face was priceless. That makes it worth it, for sure.

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