Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gracies Owie

Grandma and Grandpa took us to go see Wall*E yesterday. It was a super cute movie. It had an awesome meaning. I really liked it... of what I actually saw of it. Grace decided she didn't want to sit and watch the movie (duh.) She wanted to run around and sing and climb the stairs and run through the seats and run out of the theater. It was not fun.
Anyway, we made it through the whole movie and as we were leaving she was running down the hallway (that had a slight downward slope) and she tripped. She hit her head so hard. Now, she has a nice bruise on her head. Poor kid...It looks worse in the picture than it actually is. Promise!

Gracies new favorite show is Little Einsteins. She LOVES it! We watch it all the time.

I pretty much have the theme song stuck in my head constantly. Click here to hear it. It is actually a cute show, just sort of annoying. (Yes, that clip actually shows it 5 times in a row. Its nice for when I need to get something done. I just play that clip and it keeps her occupied for a while!) Well, I am going to get going. I have a bunch to do today and I haven't done any of it. :D

2 sweet thoughts:

Alison said...

Oh! Poor Gracie! Wall-E is a cute movie. My kids used to really like Little Einsteins too!

Emily said...

Meichelle-- here is my blog post about the service I did today!