Thursday, July 31, 2008

redneck baby, bathroom sign, rocking out and new friends.

i finally figured out how to get the pictures off of my phone onto the computer.
this is our little redneck baby. like the hat?
this is a bathroom sign i found in wal*mart today. don't you hate when the bathroom is overflowing and you can't get up the nerve to go tell a worker that the toilet is over flowing, no fault of your own, mind you... wal*mart has solved that problem. just flip a switch and leave. they don't know who did it, whether or not it was you :)
i was listening to a book on tape (levin thumps) (or eleven thumbs as my grandpa would call it) in bed one night. grace wanted to play along. how adorable.
by the way... i really like levin thumps. its a cute book.
gracie made a friend in the play area at carls junior. she loved this little girl. and luckily, the little girl loved her too.

3 sweet thoughts:

ThreadBeaur said...

I love that hat! Too cute.
Your turn!

Rachael Havens said...

Looks fun! Hey I was wondering if you were going to be down next week. Dayne's birthday is Thursday, and I was going to send you an invitation, but I don't have your address. Let me know what youre thinking.

quitecontrary1977 said...

looks like ya'll have been having a good old time! anyway.. as you say.. tag you're it!