Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tegenaria Agrestis

Spiders. Oh how I hate them. The tegenaria agrestis (Just a fancy word for hobo spider) lives in the region in red. They are a horror, not only because they can make you really ill or even kill you (don't believe me? go read case #3 from the Center for Disease Control), but because they look like this:
Just a wittle spider, you were thinking. I double-dog dare you to click on that spider so that you can see it life-size.
Why are we talking about this today? The region between Pocatello, Idaho and Rexburg, Idaho has the most hobo spiders in the world. I just moved away from being smack dab in the middle of that region. I found tons of hobos in drawers and closets and even clothes and shoes.
But here in Utah, my grandparents are certain that they do not have hobos. Why you ask? DENIAL. Yep. Pure and simple. How do I know such a thing. Just today I have killed 3 hobos. Yes. Three. How do I know they were hobos? I just moved from the Hobo capital of the world. I am a hobo spider expert. That's how I know for certain.
I wanted to believe that I was moving away from such vermin. But alas. I moved into a dark, muggy basement. Smart? Not exactly.

4 sweet thoughts:

Keri said...

Yikes....that just gave me the chills. It has been a bit since I've seen a hobo, but I am so scared of them. I remember sitting in the living room at night once and thought the floor was moving, when I flipped on the light there were 5 migrating across the floor.AHHH! That's when I lived by a field...but ewwww so gross!

Emily said...

I have never seen a hobo spider... they look pretty gross!

poor you!

Becky Muir said...

They really scare me to. And my husband doesn't believe we have them, so I asked a pro and we do. Now what hmmm

Anonymous said...

having already been bitten by one I can say this... they are not something i ever want to encounter again!