Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Okay, its time to pick a winner!!!! Firstly, here is a sample of the prizes.
Okay, I went through all of the stories, and had my grandma, grandpa and Blake decide the most creative stories. They didn't know which one matched which name. Promise!
Alrighty.... Drum roll..... The winner of the most creative drawing is.... PAM!
This is Pams story... "One thing I have been working on a lot lately is a book of remembrance for my grandparents. My grandpa had a stroke recently and hasn't been doing very well lately, and I have been having this nagging feeling that he won't be around much longer. So I scanned and retouched a ton of their pictures and have been journaling and compiling this book for them. I know it's not really a random act, but it's something I feel like I can do for them to help them remember the good times they've had in the past 60 years together. I can only imagine the struggle it has been for my grandma as she's watched my grandpa's health go downhill so quickly so I want them to have this keepsake of the highlights of their lives."
Congrats Pam!!
Okay... Next, I am going to have Grace draw a winner out of a hat. :)

This is Marcis story... "I went over to the nursing home and did my Great-Aunt's nails and did post the picture just today. And maybe it wasn't the MOST creative, but I definitely win the endurance award for being sick and pregnant there with the wonderful smell of the nursing home; you know what I'm talking about. =)"
If Pam and Marci will e-mail me at - I will get your address and the prizes sent ASAP!
Thank you all so much for participating. I will definitely be doing another giveaway soon, so stay tuned!!

3 sweet thoughts:

Alison said...

Congrats to the winners! Those are wonderful stories of service. And it looks like you've got yourself a cute helper. :)

Holly said...

Yeah Marci and Pam! :) They deserved it for sure!! :) Cute little Grace!

marcipants said...

yea yea yea for me!