Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blogger slacker

Hey everyone. I am so sorry that I have not been keeping everyone updated on my life. My card business is going great, and I have started to integrate jewelry into my shop. Here is my first piece... Like it? Go to MeShellesCardShoppe.etsy.com and you can buy it!!
I got a job to be a writer for a company, and I have been super busy doing that. I will post more about that soon. :)
That is about all I have been doing the past week. I have been working like crazy, trying to keep my shop up to date, and doing favors for people in my ward. I have been babysitting a cute little boy about Gracies age for a lady in my ward. I have also been taking kids to and from school and work from my ward as well. 
I am still pretty sick. I can't get over this sinus infection. But, the good news is that we now have insurance! Yay for that!
I know most of you are just looking for updates on Grace, so here that is! Grace is becoming quite a character!! She likes to be naked! She is so silly. She is also obsessed with sponge bob these days... crazy little girl. She also loves to be the center of attention anywhere we go. When we walk into a store or anywhere she has to scream hi to everyone. And, she has to walk, not ride in a cart. She gets so mad when I put her in. She throws quite the fit. She also has an obsession with markers. She loves to draw on herself. She loves to draw on mommy too. She doesn't draw on things as much, just herself. I am pretty sick of washing marker off of her! 
She loves to be outside and makes a run for it whenever we aren't looking. :) We have to keep the door locked all the time now. 
Well, I need to go. Sorry this is such a short update! I love and miss you all! :D

4 sweet thoughts:

-Melissa- said...

sounds like you are staying busy. cute necklace.

Andre said...

I commented on your blog a couple weeks ago and thought you would see the link to mine. What happened to modeling? Miss you.

Jerry & Karlene said...

Do me a favor and kiss that cutie pie grand-daughter of mine, o'kay?

Love ya tons,


ThreadBeaur said...

Good to hear that the cards are doing well!