Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ear infection

I have a terrible ear ache. I really don't think I have ever had this bad of an infection before. The pain and pressure building up behind my eardrum is almost too much to handle. I am almost praying that it will just burst. Almost...
I would go to the doctor, but we don't have insurance. It is just so much money to go.
Anyway, I am done whining, promise.
See you all later.

2 sweet thoughts:

quitecontrary1977 said...

A friend of mine was just saying her sister-in-law has to have surgery due to an ear infection that broke a bone in her ear. Ear infections can cause menegitis and brain cancer! If you can't afford to go.. you could always take someone's leftover antibiotics. not ideal, but better than suffering. On the bright side, you won your choice of freeverse games. e-mail me your choice, and i'll let the company know. hope you feel better son!

Lindsey said...

Oh no!! Having suffered from ear infections for the last 6 months I feel your pain! I hate to say it but its mandatory that you go to the doc! It won't heal unless you have anti-biotics. Also, you could get pain medication for your poor ear. That helped me get through the days. Its so crazy how much ear infections HURT! Good luck and feel better.