Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun tag

I saw this on Melissa's Blog and thought it was super cute!
Go to your pictures pick the 4th folder
and the 4th picture and tell a little about it.
Alrighty... Here it is...
This is a picture taken a couple of weeks ago. (My photos are way out of order)
I bought this dress at a garage sell. Isn't it lovely? It had a small stain, so it cost me $1.00! The stain came right out with a little bit of bleach! She is such a little princess! And the problem is, is that she knows it!! :D (Look at those gorgeous sparkly shoes. :D)
Okay, now it is your turn!! Tag 4 people!
I tag: Andrea, Brianne, My sissy Heather, and Emily from Little Momma and Company
Play along!!

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