Saturday, November 22, 2008

Apple bottom jeans

"She had them Apple Bottom Jeans, Boots with the fur... "
Alright, if you have never heard the song before, it is a song by T-pain, about Nelly's clothing line, Apple Bottom Jeans. 
I was at Ross's yesterday with my grandma and I was looking in the clearance section. I found an adorable Sweatsuit for a toddler. The brand was Apple Bottom Jeans! I was pretty excited, because that brand is super nice but super expensive! The price on it was $72.00! Whaatt?! Who in their right mind would buy a 2T outfit for their child for $72 bucks? Well, luckily, we were in Ross's which is a discount store. They were on clearance for 90% off the original price, :) $7.20!! So I bought them. Normally I would never ever buy baby clothes for that price, but they were so adorable!
I already wrapped them, and I forgot to take a picture! So that is it, but I can't find a bigger picture!

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