Thursday, January 15, 2009

What I learned this week...

So I am copying this from my friends blog, Kate. She is the most creative writer. Her blog is so fun to read. :) Check it out here.
Anyway, These are the things that I learned this week. Maybe some things that I forgot, but things that I now know.
1. My husband loves me.
2. I love flowers. Although I hate that they eventually die. I guess its a double edged sword.
3. I love my Grace, even when she is so ornery that I could pull my hair out.
4. I want to go back to school
5. I love to draw. I love art and want to major in Graphic design.
6. I also still need to see Twilight! :)
7. I am baby hungry, and both my sister and sister in law are pregnant. (And I am sooo excited about that!)
8. IHOP isn't as good as I remembered.
9. With just a dollar and a half and a nicklecade, you can have loads of fun with your family.
10. We need to sell our house and pronto!
11. I miss my family.
12. It doesn't matter whether or not I am wearing makeup, my husband still thinks I am pretty.

2 sweet thoughts:

Kate said...

Thanks so much for the 'shout out'! I think our daughters are about the same age-the fun age of tantrums, coloring on the floor, and ripping up books. yay. (sarcasm) I went to school for graphic design and totally enjoyed it!
love your list!

Sherry said...

i love your list- found you through kate (my daughter).what a neat way to make friends.