Sunday, February 8, 2009


Calm down, calm down. Today isn't over yet!! 
Alright, so firstly, I didn't get to where I was going on Saturday, so I didn't get the thing done that I was going to show everyone. So... I am doing it tomorrow and will post about it after.
Secondly, Blake and I are coming to visit Idaho tomorrow! :) Yay for Idaho! We are going to be painting our house, and visiting family and friends :). (See Bre, you got your very own surprise!) 
Thirdly,  I am super excited because I was asked to be on a panel of moms who try out products for an awesome website, Ruby Pinwheels. I should be getting my first product in the mail soon. Stay tuned for more details!
Okay, so now for an update of our housing situation... we haven't sold our home, and can't find anyone to buy it. The realtor thinks it could be because of the color of the walls, so we are painting it while we are visiting Idaho. Cross your fingers and pray that this will help sell!
Grace is doing great. She is as crazy and talkative as ever! 
Blake is doing well. He loves his job, and looks forward to going everyday! Thats an awesome thing if you ask me!
I have also been doing good. As I said before, I am now doing product testing for that company. I have been passing out more and more lately, and am going to go visit a doctor about it soon...
Anyway, our lives are just as crazy and busy as ever! I promise I will post tomorrow whether or not I get the surprise done :). 

2 sweet thoughts:

Andre said...

What good does you visiting Idaho do me? Just kidding. I know we're only 9 hours out of the way. Have fun, make sure my mom gets plenty of Gracie time, and when am I going to get my quarters?

Anonymous said...

This is the first I've heard about you passing out. You'd better visit the doctor soon. See you tonight!! I can't wait to see all of you, especially Gracie!!!
Love, Mom