Monday, March 30, 2009

The coupon revolution

Well, I started last month. I clip coupons from all the Sunday papers. (I only buy one at the moment, but I will eventually start buying more). I find deals online. And I am a frequent visitors of the following sites:
Swag Grabber
Nichole's Nickles
Common Sense with Money
Deal Seeking Mom
Stretching a Buck

I watch and learn from the pros of these sites. They are amazing women who save hundreds each shopping trips by spending time each day clipping coupons and searching for deals.

Here is how I got my deals from Wal*Mart today:

Johnson’s Buddies Soaps

How I got this deal: Right now at Wal*mart, the soap bars are $0.98.

There are coupons for $1 off any 1, $2 off any 2, or $3 off any 3 Johnson Buddies soaps.

I used the $2 off 2 soaps (because my Wal*mart was very low on the soaps.) and bought two. Next time, I will use another one...

FREE after coupon! (get the coupon here)

Glucerna coupon for 5.00 off any cereal. The cereal only cost 3 something, so I used the coupon and actually got 2.00 overage. You may get the overage, but most of the time you won't. We were just lucky. Get the coupon HERE

The kashi entree was a snail mail coupon that I got off of the Kashi website. I don't think they are offering this promotion anymore.

And lastly the Ranch dressing coupon was from this weeks (3/29) newspaper. It was for $1.50 off any Ranch dressing. Right now, Wal*Mart has them on sell for 1.58. That means you pay 0.08 cents for a bottle of dressing. :)

I know that these were easy deals, but I just start out small and hopefully will get going and get a coupon stockpile like these other coupon clippers have. I only have about 3 weeks worth of coupons, some of them expiring soon, but paired with sells and other coupons, they are very valuable. :)

I hope this helps. If not... go to the above websites. They are amazing and they explain how they get the great deals. Some of the deals you won't be able to get, because they are coupons from months before, but as you stock pile, you will have the coupons needed for the great deals. :)

When I was checking out, the store ended up owing me 64 cents. The checker was amazed. So we bought two candybars so we wouldn't have to get a manager to come over. (We waited for quite a while, but we just decided to get something to even it out, so we wouldn't have to wait anymore.)

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that's awesome! I will have to check out some of those sites.