Monday, April 27, 2009

Bare feet, poop and a phone preacher

I had an interesting day...
This morning I ran to Walgreens to get a blood testing system. (Me buying it actually made me money... {strange, I know}). Anyway, I wanted to get there before they were all gone, so I got Grace dressed and plopped her in the car. As I was in Walgreens, this nice looking old lady came up to the basket. She proceeded to tell me that my baby should be taken away from me because of how bad of a mother I was. Grace was sitting in the back of the basket, and she had taken her shoes off in the car. The lady thought that it was horrible that I would take my child out in this type of weather (50 degrees!) without shoes on... She nagged loud enough to let everyone around me know what was going on. That was a great start.Then, we ran to another Walgreens because there was only one, and I was buying two meters. At that store, Grace pooped. Not just a little bit. It was EVERYWHERE. In the basket, all over her, all over me. I didn't have a change of clothes cause I am a bad mom (hehe) and no diapers cause I was just running to the store. (Again, a bad mom). So I put her in the car seat and we headed home, poop and all. That made it even better.
Then, to top it all off, I thought my day was just going horrible in a funny sort of way, so I decided to call my grandma to tell her what was happening, and that I was on my way home. I called the wrong area code somehow and got a phone preacher. (How that happened, I don't know). I argued with whom I thought was my grandpa about how he should let me talk to grandma and knock off the whole preacher persona. (My grandpa likes to answer the phone with all different personas, to see if we hang up or not...) Anyway, the guy just kept saying how he had no idea what I was talking about and how I should turn to Christ to make me become a sane person. (Nice). I soon looked at my phone and realized my mistake of the wrong area code and abruptly hung up.
I am home now, and having a much quieter day.
Hooray for angry elderly people, diarrhea & telephone evangelists.

4 sweet thoughts:

Pearl Girl said...

are you serious. Man, it sounds like you have a much better attitude about it than I would have.

Andre said...

This is too funny! I have experienced the poop thing before; not fun. But that lady was out of line. Why do people think they just know all? If Grace was hanging out in just a diaper then she might have a case, but really, does she know or remember how frazzled moms can get? So you can tell I'm on your side.

Kate said...

holy crap,,, literally. Holy for the preacher and crap for, well, you know. You totally had a better attitude about it than I would have had too. Josie might have learned a few choice words that day if it was me.


Marcilee said...

You know you're amazing, right? Don't be tricked by some poop!