Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cute Pictures

My sister in law Natalie had these cute picture on her facebook account. I had to get themt :D Isn't Grace so adorable? And Natalie is super cute too. (Sorry boys, she is taken :D)Grace looks so drooly and young in this picture! Its funny!
This was last summer, she has grown up sooo much!

2 sweet thoughts:

Kate said...

super cute pics! they grow up too fast!

oh, thanks for the tip on heather's bow-tique... I just got the hat from her the other day that I ordered and it is awesome. Josie wont take it off her head. (she also included a little flower clip in there too. nice!)

Thanks again! She is a talented lady.

Chelsi said...

So excited for Natalie. She is such a cutie! Of course your little blue eyed sweetie is too :)