Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My major Kohls shopping trip

I am really excited about my Kohls shopping trip today.
I spent around $16.00 - and saved $619.58

Wanna see?
That's a whole lotta stuff!
Sorry Guys. :) Here is how you would do it :)
Go to ebay. Type in kohls 5- and buy 10-20 of the 5 dollars off the purchase. Then, go to kohls. (You are only supposed to use one per household, so its a ton of trips to kohls.) Get something for 5 dollars and under and its free. (I use 2 per store per trip seeing that there are registers on both ends of the store). They don't charge tax, so you can get something for 4.99 and be fine!

3 sweet thoughts:

Janna G said...

You forgot to tells us how you did that! How? That is so much stuff.

Julian said...

Thanks for posting your deals! I thought I was a good deal finder, but you always amaze me! --Alicia

Julian said...

Okay, I feel really bad, because I bought 20 of these coupons last night thinking somebody would mail me some extra coupons they had accumulated. Then today I went to Kohl's with a couple printable e-bay coupons and the cashier asked me what my e-mail was to make sure I wasn't using fraudulant coupons from e-bay. Oops!--Alicia