Monday, February 8, 2010


Hello everyone! Here is a quick update on our living situation...
Blake has FINALLY moved into the apartment. YAY! No more picking him up after class for an hour or so, and then taking him back to his room so he can sleep. Hooray!
(a wall in our living room... I am finally done (ish) with the living/dining area... Photos to come!!)
Him moving in to the apartment has drastically changed Grace and my sleep patterns. We have to be in bed by 8:30 pm, because Blake has to be on the base at 5:00 am.
{I am just going to let him drive the car unless we have something to do that day!}
He has class all day and then he has PT (physical training) every other day afterward until 5:30. That's quite a long day for him, but he is such a hard worker and is loving
what he is learning!
Grace is normally quite a teenager with her sleep patterns. Going to sleep at 11, and not waking up until 10 or 11 the next morning....
I don't think she has ever been up this early, and happy and awake. It was 4:30 and she was up and singing to Team Umizoomi.
(Notice the time - 5:11!)
Yesterday, Blake had to be at the base at 2:00, so we had to leave church early so we could get him there on time. We went into Grace's singing time in primary, and she was so angry that we were there. She wanted to stay in her class and sing! She was so frustrated that we were making her leave early. That is quite a change from the Grace a month ago. She loves her teacher and is growing up so much. She loves
learning about Jesus and loves singing and playing. Her teacher finally bribed her with candy next week if she would go with us. HA!I took the Glucose test on Thursday, and got the results back, and NO diabetes or any other sugar problems. HALLELUJAH! No 3 hour glucose testing. ICK! I am so happy!

If you look over on the left hand side there is an animation of our little floating baby... Notice that I am almost 29 weeks! Only 11 weeks to go! I cannot wait to hold our little baby boy and rock him to sleep!

(Oh! One more thing... With Grace, I gained a total of 29 lbs... I have just sailed past that mark with this pregnancy, with no end in sight. Looks like I will not be leaving the hospital smaller than my pre-pregnancy weight... Darn! :D)

Photos of our little home to come later today!

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Jason and Bri Walker said...

I've been waiting for pictures of your house! If you don't take them soon, I'm going to have to come down there and see it myself! :)

Meichelle said...

I think I may just hold off then... until you come visit! :D

Karlene said...

I love the Johnson family wall!