Monday, March 15, 2010


Okay. I have been in a bad mood all week. I don't know what my problem is, but I have to get it off my chest. So... Enjoy my anger.
I am so sick of Grace not being potty trained.
I am sick of having to carry her to the bathroom and put her on the toilet.
I am sick of the screaming this causes and and sick of me just giving up.
I am sick of the smell of wet diapers and the toxic nature of the poopy ones.
I am sick of the word NO not being understood.
I am sick of punishment after punishment not working.
I am sick of being ignored.
I am sick of yelling and being so angry.
I am sick of the endless tantrums and endless crying that little things cause.
I am sick of Grace still sleeping in our bed.

I am sick of my house being a disaster.
I am sick of the kitchen always being messy.
I am sick of the untouched boxes of stuff that need to be gone through.
I am sick of the clutter and the disorganization.
I am sick of the charity/give-away boxes STILL sitting in Grace's room, waiting to be taken.
I am sick of Grace and our rooms being catch all's.
I am sick of our room being cluttered because of the boxes we have yet to go through.
I am sick of the room still being backwards, even though I have asked hundreds of times for it to be turned around.
I am sick of all of our clothes being put on the floor after they are washed, instead of being put away.
I am sick of the dang headboard that crashes against the wall every time someone blinks wrong.
I am sick of having to hold the flush down for at least 4 seconds after using the bathroom to insure it flushes.
I am sick of our stupid rug who's side curls up despite the days of heavy books being layed on it.

I am sick of feeling tired and lazy.
I am sick of being angry.
I am sick of being annoyed by everything.
I am sick of being itchy and sick all the time.
I am sick of feeling like and being such a bad mom and wife.

I am sick of being sick of all these things.

4 sweet thoughts:

preethi said...

oh mommy dont worry-u know its the work of those hormonal changes in u that is making u sick-U are an awesome mom -its just that kids can be difficult sometimes. Im sure ur sickness of being sick of things will fade off once the little prince comes out (then u wont have the time or energy to b sick :-) ) until then hang on there

Lauri said...

There were so many days I felt the same way! Still do sometimes, just about other things now since the potty training is all over. Hang in there - it will happen! Momma-work is hard. You're an amazing lady and deserve to cut yourself a little slack. I totally get that sometimes you just need to vent though - hope it was cathartic for you ;)

The Kilpatrick Klan said...

okay, so you are about to give birth to another beautiful baby, stop potty training. If you keep making her do it, it will not happen as quickly as you want. I have been in your shoes....three times with two in diapers. I know it is frustrating and how it feels to be a "super mom". If she waits until the baby is here she may stop fighting it. Sometimes they just know the change is comming and want all your attention. She is a beautiful and stubborn little girl and I know you love her dearly. So, that being said, just let it go on the potty front for now so you dont have her regress when little Grant gets here. You need to let Mr. Blake know all this so he can see the help you need now so you do not have that precious little one to early. If he cant see it, let the house go for your sanity! If after a couple of days he does nothing than say it again and CRY! Sometimes that is the only way they get it unfortuantely. I love you all and if I was there I would be over getting it all done for you! You need to destress. Okay? I love you sweetie. Be careful with your precious cargo.

Andre said...

Welcome to motherhood. I often think I'm a bad mom so don't worry! We can be terrible together! J/K You are a good mom.

Sometimes life just sucks.

Love ya.