Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My Dearest Charles,
Last night, I found great joy in watching you chase the fly around the screen. You are quite impressive with the way you stalk your prey. Unfortunately, I soon noticed the fly was in the house, not outside between the screen and the window like you. I felt so bad, but realized that maybe that is the way you like it. You are just trying to impress me, aren't you? Well, I am impressed, so don't worry. You were gone for several nights last week, and I was worried that you had left me. You can only guess my surprise and happiness when I woke up to feed the baby and saw you chasing that fly. I watched you for over an hour, running up and down the screen trying to catch your prey.
I cannot wait to see you again soon.
Your secret admirer,

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Pearl Girl said...

sounds like you've made some cool/scaley friends. Your sweet baby is so adorable and Grace is growing too much. I am sorry about your trip to the store. I hope you are able to laugh about it someday. Take care!