Sunday, April 25, 2010


If any of you read the comments on "My Birth Story", you probably have been wondering what my mom meant when she said I forgot the cheesecake(s).
Well, right after I had Grant, the crew at the hospital went to grab a bite to eat. They wanted to know what I was craving. Well, cheesecake. That is all I wanted.
So, my awesome mom went to the grocery store and got me a yummy cheesecake. It was a strawberry swirl New York Style Cheesecake. It had 16 large pieces, and everyone had one. Well, that is only 4 people, so thats 12 pieces left. 
When everyone got back to the hospital the next day, they were surprised to find my cheesecake gone. Yeah, that's right. I ate 12 pieces of cheesecake. 
That day, mom asked me if I needed anything from the store. Cheesecake please? She laughed but said no. Darn...
When Grace and mom got back from the store, another yummy cheesecake appeared. YES! This time, only 2 people ate a piece, so that left 14 pieces of cheesecake. 
Again, the next morning when everyone got to the hospital, the cheesecake was magically gone. Did I eat it all myself? Yep. I know, I am a total pig! 26 slices of cheesecake. At least there was fruit on top! That has to count for something, right?
I am still craving cheesecake, but after weighing myself when we got home from the hospital, having Grace ask me if some of baby Grant was still in my belly, and having someone ask when I was due, I decided that I best stay away from this craving. :D

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Karlene said...

I think now we have the whole story :D

Mama M. said...


I love it!'s totally healthy, since, you know, it has fruit on it!