Sunday, May 30, 2010


I am so proud of my husband.
Blake graduated from tech school last Thursday and that in and of itself is quite an accomplishment. 
He is now a Geospatial Analyst for the United States Air Force.
(Blake getting his diploma from the commander)

But, he didn't just stop there.. his fellow classmates honored him as the 'Outstanding Contributor'. Which means they thought he was the biggest help and contributor of their class. He tutored students and helped his fellow classmates pass the tests. He was presented with an award for this.
(getting the Outstanding Contributor award)
He also did very well on his tests and had a great GPA. I figured he would be one of the twenty or so students that were Honor Graduates. But when they didn't call his name to stand and be recognized,  I was pretty disappointed. And I could tell, Blake was too. But it was very short lived because he was instead, called on stage and honored as the 'Distinguished Graduate". That means he was the honor graduate of the honor graduates in his class! He was presented with an award and the commanders coin.  
 (getting his Distinguished Graduate award and coin)
I just love my family. 
(our little family) 
We made some awesome friends while we were here. Christina and Phill live above us and Blake and Phill were in the same class together. They are heading to Cannon AFB as well, and even though he and Blake will be in different squadrons, we will be in the same town, and for that, I am super happy. They have been such a blessing to our little family.
(all of us after graduation)

4 sweet thoughts:

Andre said...

Hooray for Blakie!!!

Joy said...

congrats on his great accomplishments!!

would u ladies be offended if I said man those men look hot in their uniforms and not cause it is hot in Texas:)

Glad they are going to the same place. u guys seem to have made some great friends in them and that would be terrible to have to move away so soon after meeting them.

The Kilpatrick Klan said...

YAY! Congrats Blake! You all look great, love the hog tied thing, that made me smile. We are so happy to see you are doing so well and have made to great new friends. I am so glad they are being sent to the same area as you that way you can still do things together. Miss you all! Grace is still adorable and I love her sweet little smile. Again CONGRATS BLAKE!

Karlene said...

Congrats to Blake! Way to go! We love you and miss you!