Monday, May 3, 2010

Kids say the darndest things...

The Johnson home living room
Mom: Sitting on the recliner, feeding baby.
Grace: Walking out of her room, tears fresh on her face, in her chubby little hands, her baby dolls clothes.
Mom:  Asks "What is wrong hon?"
Grace: Tearful reply "My baby changed her clothes and ran away to Mexico!"
Mom: Laughing hysterically behind her hand so Grace doesn't notice.
Grace: Noticing mom's laughter, turns around and marches sadly back to her room.
Enters Dad
Dad: Asks "Whats so funny?"
Mom: Laughing still, says "Grace just told me her baby doll ran away to Mexico."
Dad: Laughing harder than mom
Dad: Yells "Hey Grace? What happened to your doll?"
Grace: Re-enters room and says "she changed her shirt" - holding up baby doll clothes so dad can clearly see
Dad: Asks "Then what happened?"
Grace: Sad-fully yet hesitantly replies "She ran to Mexico.
Mom and Dad: Instantaneous laughter
Grace: Head drops to her chest as she turns and exits scene. Surly thinking "My parents don't understand me!"

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