Friday, May 28, 2010

texas toad

we have had the privilege to meet a host of new animals, spiders and insects since moving to texas. some are pleasant, like charles, some... not so much. 
(like mr. dark fishing spider. i wasn't too excited about meeting that giant. {don't believe me? google it, i dare you} no really click there and you will get to meet mr. dark fishing spider too!)
yesterday we met mr. texas toad. he was quite interesting, and definitely a pleasant animal. i have never met a toad in person before, so it was exciting. grace was amazed and even got up the nerve to pet it. i was proud of my baby girl.
(cause i wasn't about to touch it!)
christina & grace, playing with mr.toad

1 sweet thoughts:

Joy said...

ewwwwwww I unfortunately clicked the link.

but the frog is cool:) I'll take them anyday over spiders.