Saturday, May 1, 2010


I just wanted to post an update on THIS post. 
I had several comments and wanted to clarify.  Yes, intel guys do get deployed, just not very often, if ever. The reason? They can do the exact same thing sitting in the United States at their office as they can out in Iraq sitting on the computer. Its all over the computer and internet. So, because of this, most intel guys stay in the US and work from here. But Blake got assigned to one of two Special Operations Squadrons in the Air Force. They are just starting to put intel guys into spec op squadrons. So when people told us that intel guys rarely get deployed, its true... unless you get put into the spec op squadrons, which are JUST starting to take intel guys. 
Its pretty awesome that Blake got put into this squadron. It is a great squadron that will really forward his career.
I am so proud of you Blake! I love you so much!

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