Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big kids

our kids are growing up so dang fast! grant is walking backwards in his walker, eating jar baby food, and is such a smiley boy.
grace is so smart, she has the funniest personality and has the biggest imagination! 
here is the proof...
 drooling boy
walking in his walker (backwards)
cute siblings
silly boy
handsome baseball player
two cute puppies
(thats bella. she is our friends dog. she has the funniest personality, and grace loves her so much)
beautiful girl
nap time on daddies ugly chair
hanging out on daddies ugly chair
we went and saw toy story 3 in 3d and loved it. we even got to wear the sexy 3d glasses. 
if you haven't seen it, do! its such a cute movie!
being an old lady at a restaurant
being a puppy again
 i smashed my finger a few months ago with a hammer. half my nail fell off a couple of days ago. it was sad. and it hurt.
cute grant
blake being rambo
daddies ugly chair again
blurry grant

2 sweet thoughts:

Joy said...

gosh he is getting so big

hehe love the Rambo picture

The Kilpatrick Klan said...

So cute! Cant wait t see you soon!

Also, I have a very bad case of plantar fasciitis in both feet, so I need to get rid of my reeeeaaaally high heels. They are all in good shape and I know you love the red ones you borrowed for a shoot. You will have to look at them. I have some great new ones too. Anyway see you soon! Love you guys, sad Blake cant come too.