Thursday, July 8, 2010

mr. froggy and cockroach

this is a photo of mr. froggy and cockroach.  
 {yes, i know they are toads. gracie named them}
  they come every night and eat the june beetles. 
june beetles are these super crazy bugs that shouldn't have been granted the privilege to have wings. they don't know how to fly and rarely make it a few feet without smashing into something and falling onto the ground upside down. 
once on the ground they flap their wings and kick their little legs in a frantic attempt to turn right side up. 
they come out at night, and like most insects, like light. 
we have a light on our front porch, which attracts hundreds of them. mr. froggy and cockroach realized this and come around and wait for the beetles to fall to the ground. 
there are nights, though, when there are only a few beetles out flying around, and they are the ones that have received their licenses to fly. they are quite adept (at least compared to their comrades) at keeping upright. 
those nights, hubby likes to go outside and swat them down with a broom and sweep them over, legs a-kickin', to the awaiting mr. froggy and cockroach. 
mr. froggy and cockroach aren't afraid of the broom anymore because they know the broom equals food. 
and the best part is that the june bug population seems to be slowly diminishing. 
  so thank you cockroach and mr. froggy for providing a way to control the bug population, and for keeping us entertained at night!

2 sweet thoughts:

Mom's Place said...

How funny! We haven't found any interesting re-occurring critters yet. We did have a rabbit hopping by the fence a few nights ago! said...

I hate those things! I actually tell my husband not to turn the porch light on if I'm out late, I just use the little flashlight in my purse to find the keyhole.