Saturday, July 3, 2010


okay, so i have gotten several concerned emails and a few angry ones about how i need to update my blog :D. sorry guys! moving in is totally not fun, and with 2 kids, one that cries if i sit down or put him down, and one that is a non-stop talkative little teenager,  blogging has been difficult. i downloaded all my pics from my camera of the move onto my computer, and my computer crashed... so needless to say, all the pictures were lost. so... here are a few photos for now!
 happy boy!
the life saving swing... {this helped so much during the move!}
our new empty house before the movers came
 our living room after we got some of our stuff
(the picture was taken from the opposite direction...)
{see that nice big tv? that was blake's fathers day present!}
our sleeping babies
{if you look, you will see that grace is wearing underwear! she is finally potty trained!}
grace sweeping out the garage with daddy
our entry way
grace's new shirt...
cute girl
yummy pina' colada ice dessert i made

i will post pics of our new house after it is all set...{which could end up being never!} we are getting our pictures taken by a sweet lady in our new ward next friday, so we will have some new family photos soon! she is an awesome photographer and i can't wait to see how our photos are going to turn out! 
anyway, thanks for being patient with me and my lack of blogging!

4 sweet thoughts:

Joy said...

yummy looking ice cream

can't wait to see more of the new house, I luv the quote thing at your entry way I have a couple of those in our house

Karlene said...

Yeah! Finally pictures of my babies! I wasn't angry, I just want pictures :)I miss them so much! Can't wait for next month!

Andre said...

I miss you guys!! I can't believe how big Grant is! That piano will be awesome when it's finished. Good luck1

The Kilpatrick Klan said...

I saw this and remembered I need to to update mine as well. Everything looks great! YAY Grace on the potty training! Big Girl~!