Wednesday, August 11, 2010

frozen Jesus and space man suits

last night, during our family prayer, monster interrupted and let us know that we are now saying the prayer and to be quiet. after the prayer, i let her know that when we are saying a prayer, that she needs to be quiet and listen.
monster, being ever inquisitive, asked why. i told her it was because we were talking to Jesus.
she asked me if we could go see Jesus soon.
i explained to her that Jesus is in heaven, and we can talk to him through our prayers. she told me we have seen Jesus before. i asked her where, and she said, you know. in space. he is frozen. i figured it was another of her crazy imaginations and brushed it off as i getting ready for bed.
monster continued talking about frozen Jesus, and how he is white and pretty. i insterted the correct mmm hmms, oh yeahs? and wows during the dialogue.
{let me interject here. monster likes to talk. a lot. she goes off onto tangents, telling stories, making up her own words and singing songs. i wasn't tuning her out, honest. just half listening.}
she told me how we went and saw him by the temple, and he was surrounded by space. 
the realization hit me, and i knew what she was talking about.
the Christus statue! 
it had been years since she had seen it, and she was being so noisy and running around at the time, and she was so young, that i didn't realize that she even remembered it. 
i told her that when we go to utah next week, that we would be able to go see him. she got super excited and started planning it out. again, i inserted the right amount of acknowledgment to let her know i was listening while i was preparing for bed.
then i heard this:
"oh no! we need to go get our spaceman suits to go see Jesus! because he is in space, you know. hmm. where are we going to go get them? walmart doesn't have them, though. oh no. what are we going to do? i know! the bx sells spaceman suits! we can get a baby one for grant and a small one for me and two big ones for daddy and you! come on mom. lets run to the bx and get our spaceman suits so we can go see frozen Jesus!"
i love my monster.

2 sweet thoughts:

The Kilpatrick Klan said...

I would to see the pictures of you all visiting frozen jesus in these suits. Please, or I will go and take all the pictures you want. I love you Grace! You are very imaginitive and smart.

Kate said...

when I read this, I thought it may have had something to do with Star Wars - then I read further and was laughing... you have one cute kid. :)