Thursday, August 5, 2010

Top Ten Thursday - Authors

my top 10 authors (and my favorite books they have written):
10. melissa de la cruz (blue bloods)

9. mary higgins clark (don't really have a favorite)

8. scott westerfeld (the uglies series)

7. j.k rowlings (the harry potter series)

6. stephanie meyer (the host and of course twilight)

5. chris stewart (the great and the terrible series)
4. suzanne collins (the hunger games)

3. john grisham (the partner is my favorite of his books)

2. dan brown (i love every single one of his books)

1. gerald n. lund (the fire of the covenant and the kingdom and the crown series)

(honorable mention:
i have a soft spot in my heart for pretty much any and all trashy mormon love novels... 
my favorite author in this category would be anita standsfield)

1 sweet thoughts:

Kate said...

I think I have read almost all of Grisham's books - I love em!!!

I also need to look up those 'trashy mormon love novels' - sounds like what I need right now. :)