Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The comings and the goings of the Johnson home

I feel bad that I haven't blogged much lately. My life is just so busy! This is what is going on. :)
Grace goes to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She loves it so much! She is doing really well, and we are excited to watch her grow up and learn how to read. 
She has a ton of friends at school and at church. She loves her primary class, and loves her teacher.
Grant has been sick, and we aren't sure why. He just isn't happy, and will start screaming for no apparent reason.
We have a doctors appointment for him on Thursday to see what is going on.
He is growing up fast though, and is already saying mommy and daddy and sitting up. 
He rolls like crazy and is so curious about everything.  
Blake is busy with work, working with two different squadrons with their intelligence stuff. He will be deployed early next year for a few months. He is excited about the possibility of learning more and traveling to different parts of our world. 
I was put in as the Young Women's Secretary in our ward. I love it, but it has been quite a challenge! I am not an organized person, so this has helped me out a ton. I love having a job at church, and mutual nights are so fun.
Since we live in such a small area, we have to drive quite a while to go to dances, activities and stake events. This Saturday we are heading to Hobbs (about 2.5 hours away) for our stakes softball tournament and the Young Women's standard night. Blake and I and our kids are driving, and we are excited to visit a place we have never visited before.  

 Our cars transmission went out last month, and we still don't have our car back. We were super lucky to have a warranty plan that is covering (hopefully) it. We still don't have our car back, so we are praying we will have it back this week. We have a rental car right now, but before that, our friends let us borrow their car (Thank heavens). Its been almost a month without our car and its not been a fun one!
Anyway, just thought I would update what is going on for everyone that still reads this. (If anyone! :D)
We are happy and mostly healthy and just riding this crazy ride of our lives!

2 sweet thoughts:

Lauri said...

Thanks for the update! It was good to hear what you guys have been up to. Your life is certainly busy, but I know you will be blessed for doing such great things! I hope Grant gets feeling better and the doctor can help him :)

The Kilpatrick Klan said...

You are so cute. :) I know you are busy and thats how it is in life at times. You have alot going on, Congrats on your calling :). I bet it is way fun too. Grace is starting to read...amazing! She is growing so fast. I hope Grant will be ok, maybe its just an allergy to food or something. I love you all and miss you tons! :D