Monday, December 6, 2010

No Promises

Beginning in January, I make zero promises of updating my blog. I am going to be a very busy lady, and the blog will be the LAST thing on my mind. 
I am enrolled in 14 credit hours of college (Desktop Graphics, Intro to Applications Software, English and Math), I am the secretary for the Young Women in our ward, I have 2 very active children, and my hubby may be MIA from our home. Not to mention, preschool, church, mutual every Wednesday, and of course just being a mommy. 
I am nervous and excited about starting school again, and cannot wait to see how well I keep up :D. 
And, for the Grandmas, here are some pictures of our beautiful children!
 Grants Christmas outfit
 Grace, writing her name all by herself.

Grace and her cute friend Ryn.

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Karlene said...

okay, Grandma is happy...those are beautiful babies! I miss them.