Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quick Update

I have been so busy lately, I forgot to get on here and update. We are still alive and doing well. Here is a little bit of what is going on with each of us.
Grant is teething (I think) so he has been quite a little bugger lately! He is crawling like crazy and is pulling himself up on things to stand up. He will let go and balance for a while before falling down and doing it all over again! Grace had her first ear infection, so she has been pretty sick. She is learning so much and is starting to learn to read and is doing really well on writing! Blake and I both got sinus infections, so we both have been out of it for the past week. I started school and am loving it. I am trying hard to keep up and also keep up my mommy, wife and church duties. Blake's deployment was pushed back till April, so I am lucky to have him home for a few more months. He is helping me out with kids soooo much while I am at school or doing homework. I couldn't ask for a better husband.
All in all, we are doing good. We are happy, getting healthy, and just going about our day to day life!
And, of course for the grandmas... here are some pictures!

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Karlene said...

beautiful babies! I miss them so much! Can't wait for the summer visit!

Karlene said...
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