Monday, March 28, 2011

Far away for far too long

I have been so busy, that even thinking about blogging makes my head hurt. So, here is a quick and to the point update.
Blake is doing great, hasn't reached his final destination yet, but he is slowly working his way there.
Grace was sad for the first day, but now tells everyone that her daddy is teaching bad guys to be good.
Grant isn't taking the separation from his daddy well. He is ornery and whiny. He is teething on top of it, so we are not having a fun week.
I am doing school, mommy stuff and church stuff and staying busy busy busy. As long as I am busy, I am ok, but as soon as I let my mind wander, I become a big ol bawl baby. Luckily I have only let that happen a few times. :)
I have a ton of pictures to post, but I don't have time today, I have a math test and a paper to write :D.
Thanks for the prayers that have been coming our way. We have definitely felt them and have been blessed.

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