Monday, January 16, 2012

Far away (again) for far too long.

     I forgot that I have followers on my blog that don't follow me on Facebook. Aunts and cousins that didn't know I was pregnant, nor that hubby left on another deployment! So I figured that I should probably update all of the things that are happening here in the land of the Johnsons.
     Seems like just yesterday that my wonderful husband deployed to Afghanistan for the first time.It was the end of March 2011 that he left. He got back in August and I figured we wouldn't be dealing with another deployment for at least a year or so. He got home, got me pregnant, and then got called to serve in another secret location for another 4 months. He left a few days after Christmas so he should be back in May sometime. Its heartbreaking to think that its only been a very LONG 3 weeks since he left, and I still have another 4 months to go.
     Despite everything that is going on in my life, I am so blessed and cannot forget to mention those on here. I am 17 weeks pregnant, and even though it has been a very rough pregnancy so far, things are finally looking up! I still am quite sick, but I think I should start feeling better very soon. Barring an early arrival, my husband will be home in time for this wonderful blessing to be born. I am so excited to find out what we are having in just a few weeks time.
     Another blessing that is coming up is me being able to go see my family for a very long extended visit. I am so excited to go hang out with them for a few (or more :D) months, and hopefully that will take the stress off of hubby being deployed and being sick.
     The kiddos are doing wonderfully. Grant is growing up far too fast. He is talking like a pro and running around the house like he is being chased by a lion. He is destructo boy, and finds joy in breaking things, throwing things, and hitting things. I guess that is a typical 21 month of boy, though! He goes to Nursery now, and is doing good. He hates when I leave, but has a blast after I do. Grace is in preschool, and doing great! She is starting to read and doing a great job in school. She loves her friends and her teachers. We will be pulling her out for a few months so we can go back home, and she is quite sad about that, but I think she is definitely ready for kindergarten.They have been playing together so well lately, and I know that is just another blessing to add to my long list!
     I promise I will try to update more often, as I am not doing school this semester. (Thank heavens!)

2 sweet thoughts:

Joy said...

I am glad to hear things are goind well with you guys. I will keep hubs in my thoughts for a quick and safe return home in time to meet the next cutie pis addition to your family.

M.O.T.B said...

Congrats and hang in there. I am sure it isn't easy with two little ones, one on the way and missing your partner all at the same time.