Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Far away (yet again) for far too long.

We are almost half way though this most recent deployment, and I haven't updated anything for a while. So, without further ado, here is what is happening in the Johnson household:
 Blake is doing well, he is ready to get back to the US of A. I am hanging in there. I have been very very sick the past few weeks, with Pneumonia Bronchitis and a massive Sinus Infection. Being a single mom and being sick sucks. Evelyn is crawling. Its crazy to watch her worm her way around the house. Grant is still ALL boy. He is definitely the jokester in our house. Grace is reading like crazy, writing stories and told me that she wants to be a vet when she grows up, and then after she is the boss of the vet clinic she wants to be an author and illustrator. She is just far too smart.
This Christmas we went to spend time with the families in Idaho and Utah so the kids and I weren't alone during that time. We had a blast, playing with cousins and family. The trip was a long one. I drove the 2500 miles round trip alone with the kiddos, and I definitely don't EVER want to do that again. Not too much fun!
Here are pictures of our most recent adventures: (in no particular order...)

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