Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Too Cute

This is a video of Grace, trying to put an M&M into an empty Pepsi can. She is so stinkin' cute! I love how excited she gets! She can't figure out where it went after she finally does get it in. :) Too Cute, Too Cute!

My computer is so slow and it took a minute to load, so I am not sure about regular computers. If you just let it completely after pushing 'play', it saves a ton of time :D. (Ooops!) Oh, and leave a comment if you would and tell me how long it took your computer to load it... :) thanks!

2 sweet thoughts:

Sherelle said...

Hi Meichelle! So glad you shared your blog link with me! Your little family is adorable! I look forward to reading your blog more!

Katherine said...

This loaded in no time at all. Isn't it fun when they start leaning about spacial relations!