Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Hinckley Challenge

I got this e-mail today, and wanted everyone to see...
"As most of you know, our beloved prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley passed away at the age of 97. His funeral will be on Saturday, February 2nd. I was thinking of how I could honor his legacy and I came up with an idea. My friend and I have created a challenge for those willing to accept it: Read the Book of Mormon in 97 days. We are trying to get everyone to start on the same day. Here are the details:
Go to and create an account (free, of course).
On Feb 4, 2008 (the Monday following the funeral) have an FHE lesson on the Book of Mormon and begin your reading.
Each day you read, record what page number you are on by going to" .....
Awesome hu? Even though I am a couple of days behind, I really wanted to do this... I am super excited about it, and hope everyone takes the time to do it as well!

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